Thursday, June 7, 2018

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Helen Powers' Wedding Gown

100% Silk satin dress, with Swiss and French lace.

Getting ready

Detail of the skirt front

Detail of the train

Photo of Helen's sister Mary, wearing the dress in 1949.

Who is ready to learn to sew!

I think I first fell in love with sewing when using the brightly colored prints,
 and making summer things. It holds true today...
give me something colorful and I want to play around
 and see what I can make with it!

But, as you can see in the photo above, I can sew on neutral colors
if I love the fabric.
That is a favorite blouse I made years ago,
 following a pattern I made by changing the neckline on a pattern that fit me
and turning the fabric on the diagonal for the 
comfort of a bias cut.

Here is the same pattern, using 100% linen, with a different neckline.

I know what you are thinking: Who has the time to sew?
What with work, and church, and the kids in 
all sorts of activities?

What if I tell you I can make a shirt in less time than it takes
to drive to the mall, try on several items, wait in line to be checked out - 
stop for gas, and deal with traffic?
And when I've finished the sewing, I have a
garment that will "wear" well for years, is comfortable,
and FITS!

And the older I get, the less patience I have for anything
 fussy - like buttonholes.
If I want snug fitting pants I wear jeans. 
Although, I do have a couple of pair of dressy slacks
 (that I made). 
I am not shaped like "standard" sizing in pants.
The area from my waist to my thighs is shorter than average.
That means if I buy a pair of slacks, the crotch is too long,
and the pants "bag" in an unflattering way.
I loved the "hip hugger" heyday. 
Those pants fit pretty good, if a little big in the waist.

So, for those of you out there who want to learn to sew...

I am teaching a Skillshare class - 

going "live" in early July.

You won't need a pattern, or buttons, or zippers;

Just a piece of fabric you love. 

Preferably in a 60" width to avoid piecing.

Scissors, matching thread, an iron.

A sewing machine is good to have, but it doesn't 

have to be fancy. There aren't a great many seams

so hand sewing is a realistic option!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Compound Learning

Compound Learning

I think I want to learn something, so I pull up a You Tube Video
 and play it, while doing nothing else.

  1. Watch and listen to the video (questions? If no, stop here. If yes, continue)
  1. Turn off the sound and watch the video (questions?)
  1. Close my eyes and listen to the video (questions?)                                                                                                                                                                            
  1. Turn off the video and think about the video (questions?)                                                                        
  1. Apply the content of the video to the creation of something.                                                         (There will be questions)                                                                                                                                  
      Engage other senses: touch, smell, taste, where applicable.

What are some ways to experience the experience ?

Expand and constrict
Enlarge and reduce
Connect and sever
Density:  Gradation  and absolute
How does "it" contribute to the development of society
How does "it" contribute to the destruction of society
Consume or sustain

          Nourish AND replenish (the beehive in the carcass of the lion)

Cross Training:

         What does learning to spin fibers into thread have to do with building a rope ladder ?

One strand is weak - 12 strands is 100 times stronger. Why ?
               The twist, and opposing tension

If a two by four in a vertical position can sustain the weight of a section of roof, 
why does a two by four in a horizontal
Position break under the same weight ? 
Does the grain of the wood
have anything to do with it?  Does bamboo have a "grain" ?
How does it compare with wood ?

Does one large stick have the same strength as
a hundred fine sticks bound together ? Which is stronger ?

What does flexibility have to do with it, if anything ?

At what point is a subject exhausted ?

Flax to linen:
   crush and rot

Silk ?

Can this material (content) be transformed ?  The simpler the content, the more potential there is for transformation.

The more potential for transformation, the more creative the experience.


 Delete my answers to questions and provide your own.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dimensions - thoughts on Abundant Learning

Learning to see is a wondrous thing.
 First I saw a thought in a single dimension,
and wondered if there were more dimensions:
to thought, speech, learning, expression.
 ~Are the masterpieces of the ages merely multi-dimensional expression?

Learning styles: Since the 'experts' have debunked the theory of
 (1) one learning style, and
 (2) a learning style among several

 Is it possible to have all learning styles, at once, one at a time ?

On fabric:

What happens to the fabric when it is ___________.

     (subject to changes: wet? pulled? ripped? folded? wadded?)

What is the history of the fabric? The organic source? 

Its uses in earlier cultures? 

Its contribution to enlightenment?

 Its contribution to destruction?

Can the use of fabric be applied to infinite sustainability?

What if a stained and torn "rag" were ground up
and re-manufactured?

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Two and a half MONTHS!

I'm back.

Hand made sketchbooks, taught by Kiala Givehand
Anyone who knows me, knows that if I haven't anything to say I go very quiet.

I have been involved in something so stupendous, so codiferous* - so enormous it will take awhile to stir, simmer and bake into something to be shared.



*codiferous: code + iferous, a whole bunch of formulas

Thursday, March 1, 2018

South by Southwest, the Quilting

Each quarter block will be marked with a stencil. The sewing line is not continuous,
 but I choose to use it regardless of the extra attention it will require. 

The stencil will be cut using the Cricut Explore Air 2. It's not yet decided if
I will use freezer paper, Contact paper, or cardstock sprayed with adhesive.

More on this later...