Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Diamond In A Square Paper Pieced

Making 380 Diamonds in a Square to Finish at 2"

After printing the needed number of paper foundations,
I drew the square, plus seam allowance, on the wrong side of the my main color fabric.
Cutting from strips would mean wasted fabric. The diamonds are basically squares set on point, which means the cut edges are on the bias.

 With center squares pinned to the foundation papers,
 I stitched each "corner" to a bias cut strip of background fabric, 1 - 1/2" wide.

The strip was pressed to one side, and with wrong side up, the corners were cut to size.
The triangles between that are cut off will be sewn to the next side.

A bias strip, cut selvedge to selvedge yielded 27 corners, approximately.



Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fabulous Free Motion Quilting

"It's Not a Quilt Until it's quilted"

I forget who said this, but it has been a standard for years. 
I didn't really  "retire" - just changed I am a full time quilter.

Rosemary's blogspot has an excellent tutorial on using "Press N Seal" ®
to "mark" quilts for free motion machine quilting
without marking the quilt.

Check it out


Friday, May 12, 2017

Neocolor II Water Soluble crayons

A shaded tulip in Block 4 - Diamond Hill pattern by Esther Aliu















 The Fabric Medium is "Golden GAC 900" - The coloring agent is Neocolor II

I love the way the Neocolor II Watersoluable wax pastels work with fabric in applique!

These pencils open up so many opportunities to practice creativity!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Glue Sticks! Love em!

I use a lot of glue sticks - especially for absolutely awesome applique - to assemble the units, and then to apply the unit to the background in preparation for stitching.

A piece of scrap wood, and a couple of hole cutters for the drill, and presto, I had a glue stick holder to clamp to the table. The lid of the glue stick is screwed into the wood.

I put my palm on the clamp handle and lift the stick out of the lid.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ami Sims - Applique Artist Extraordinaire

Ami's awesome St. Basil's Cathedral
done entirely in her "invisible applique" technique

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Martelli Tools and Techniques for Sewing, Quilting, Arts and Crafts

Using the Martelli Rotary Cutter

Here I am trying out my new Martelli Rotary Cutter

***Click on the Red Text to be directed to a YouTube video***

The Martelli cutter is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. It has a spring loaded guard, and will cut up to 30 layers of fabric at one time.  The 24" No-Slip Strip Ruler guarantees perfectly cut strips every time. I also picked up a "No-Slip" mat for my sewing machine pedal, and unlike some, THIS ONE WORKS!

I got this beauty at the Azalea Quilter's Guild quilt show in Mobile, Alabama - with great "show special" pricing. Martelli goes to trade and quilt shows all over the country - check out their website to see when they are demonstrating at a show near you. 

On A Quest for color!

In Search of the Best Solids

 On the left is Riley Blake's Confetti, by Lori Holt. The fabric on the right is the American Made Brand by Clothworks.
 I am judging only the density of the weave of the fabric.
 It is obvious the American Made Brand is a closer weave,
 which means less fraying, and better "wearing."
As to judging color in this test - the Confetti solids are a range of pastels,
 while the American Made Brand was a sampling of intense colors. Apples to Oranges!
 However, comparing the two sources in the color "Black," 
American Made was the winner for deep, rich color hands down.
I do like that Riley Blake offers a color card - our solids are like a box of crayons - even if we don't buy them all, we want to see what is available. When ordering online, it helps to have all the information you can get to make good decisions.